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Derek from Mesa Community College presentation wrote:

"Ms. Black was correct. Your brief overview of your life story will always remain with me. I'll never forget you. Thank you so much for sharing your story."

"Lorel, You truly are a remarkable woman in all aspects of the word "Woman" You are a dedicated mother and an effective voice for those battered individuals that need to have a voice. You can empathize with their plight and offer assistance and programs to help. You make these victims feel they have a friend and a confidant. Your son has become very balanced considering what the little tike had to go through with his father, you have managed to balance a dual task. One Protect your son as well as yourself, and Two make sure the two of you can live in PEACE. Much Love,"

"I glad to see this interest site, I tell my friends about it! They like sites like that :)"

Mark from Liechtenstein wrote:

"Thank You"

Melody from Tempe, AZ wrote:

"Dear Lorel, Yesterday you came and spoke at Arizona State University in my Family Studies Class, and I just wanted to thank you for coming and sharing your story. You are truly a strong woman, and I think the work you are doing now is very comendable, thank you for sharing your story and your poem."